“Why so serious?” The Joker Review.

"Why so serious?" The Joker Review..


Frank’s voice over trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.

Close friends of mine already know this (exasperatedly I might add): I am a Dark Knight fan.
I stumbled upon this hilarious Dark Knight “trailer” voiced over by a sarcastic British puppet.

I’ve seen it a dozen times now, and it still continues to make me laugh.
I realize it may not funny for many, but it has the perfect combination of elements to make it my favorite video of the month.

First of all it’s about The Dark Knight Rises. And as if that weren’t enough, Frank talks in a beautiful British accent and he is as sarcastic as they come. Not to mention the trailer includes a Shawshank Redemption reference, and voices my opinion on both the young actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the villain character Bane.

Yes, I’m a geek for Batman.